“My Girl” cover in 3:03, by RBTB

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I met Bill Stewart in 1972.  He is a magical guy, he skis and strums and now sings his way through life.  He of course has a wonderful wife, beautiful handsome clever children, and tons of friends old, new, and everywhere in between.  I am proud to say that he is a personal friend of mine.

Kindly give a listen to four young men from Burlington, New Jersey.

RBTB – RiverBank The Band – live and up the creek without a paddle, at the Robin’s Nest, Mt Holly, NJ.

King me

Category : buddhism

If I could be king for just a day…

  • All toilet rooms would be unisex.
  • All Americans would have to say 20 times a day “human beings are animals who pee and poop and screw.”